Big Tex offers the highest quality and most competitively priced trailers available. They take great pride in building a trailer that is tough, sturdy, and long lasting… American Made with American Pride!

Big Tex uses framing fixtures to ensure maximum symmetry and proper alignment. Variances in measurements from one side to the other will result in improper towing, uneven tire wear, short tire life and excessive heat on bearings.

Only 100% mig welding is used for clean, splatter proof welds and a finished product
that is smooth and sleek.

Jacks are bolted on for easy replacement and are cost effective when compared to
weld-on jacks. No cutting torch or welding machine is needed to replace.

Steel used in a Big Tex trailer is low carbon, high alloyed, high quality steel, which
helps prevent trailer twist and steel fatigue.

Safety chains are included on all trailers to serve as a secondary safeguard in case
of trailer separation or mishap. For models that include brakes, we provide a breakaway
system with battery and automatic charger for additional safety should the trailer
separate from towing vehicle.

A Big Tex trailer is manufactured with cambered Dexter Axles, on applicable models,
to ensure maximum load capacities with zero negative deflection, true tracking and
maximum tire life.

Big Tex uses specially designed light brackets, recessed or shielded for less damage and longer life. All lights are DOT-ICC approved and tested before they leave the manufacturing plant. Special care is taken with the wiring, which is routed through holes that are cleanly punched and grometted in the cross members to prevent chaffing. Our
trailers are plugged and loomed.

Select quality wood in 2” x 6” or 2” x 8” is used for uniform shrinkage and higher density
load area. When pressure treated lumber is required, only CCA type C is used. Heavy
duty floor fasteners are used to keep the deck securely fastened and to allow for easy
replacement if necessary.

The finish offers a corrosion resistant, smooth and lustrous appearance that would
rival any automotive paint finish. The process involves cleaning the steel to ensure a
smooth texture before the administration of a superior quality finish is applied, resulting
in a professional sleek appearance.

Trailer Types:

  • Equipment
  • Goosenecks
  • Dumps
  • Landscape
  • Auto/Motorcycle
  • Tandem & Single Axle

Why Buy Big Tex Trailers?

  • Built Strong
  • Built to Last
  • Quality
  • Reliable
  • Great Looking
  • Warranty
  • NATM Certified
  • Retains Value